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Each Belletto possesses unsurpassed lying comfort.

Upgrade to the MiS® Activ surface possible..
If pressure ulcers should already exist, the standard MiS® lying surface can be exchanged for the Volker MiS® Activ lying surface.

Sleep better. Remain healthy.
On the Volker MiS® lying surface .

Healthy sleep is considerably responsible for the general well-being. In order to ensure highest sleep comfort, each Belletto is equipped with a special patented lying surface, the Volker MiS® Micro Stimulation System.

Its advantage over other lying surfaces: Volker MiS® possesses a dynamic compression curve . While other lying surfaces cushion the directly resting upon pressure on more or less rigid borders only, with the Belletto lying surface the straight high edition pressure of exposed parts of the body are flexibly taken up such as shoulders, basin etc. and distributed evenly.

Volker MiS® one uses in the professional care for the support of a Dekubitus. If you should suffer from pressure ulcers, the individual elements of the standard lying surface MiS® can be exchanged for the support of a therapy simply with Volker MiS® Activ.

Lying Surface

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