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The Belletto Florence.

Available in these colours:

The renaissance in bed design:
The Belletto Florence.

The belletto florence represents a return to a timeless design that looks perfectly up to date. This fine piece of furniture is specially manufactured to the highest standards of craftsmanship using traditional materials. For this reason, it's exceptionally sturdy, durable and ecologically friendly.

The belletto florence is also a very elegant piece of furniture — ideally marrying our unique individual style and your sense of well-being.

belletto florence:
undercarriage made of aluminum, painted in anthracite colour; sideboards in solid wood, painted in anthracite colour; headboard and footboard made of forged steel, powder-coated in anthracite, with polished brass knobs.

Dimensions and technical data: 100 x 200 cm; driven by electric motor; whole bed or head end only adjustable from 35 to 72 cm (each plus mattress); four-section lying surface that can be individually positioned; mobile.


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