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The Belletto Linea.

Available in these colours:
Honey Beech

The Perfect Bed?
The Belletto Linea NN with low headboard and footboard .

For those people who know the demands for resting and sleeping, the ideal shape of a bed consists of a height-adjustable undercarriage, a profiling lying surface that can be individually positioned and - depending on the individual preferences - a headboard and a footboard. Only a bed with these features makes sense.

That way, beletto is the perfect bed containing all necessary features in its simplest and therefore possibly most beautiful form.

belletto linea:
undercarriage made of aluminum, painted in matching colours; sideboard, headboards and footboards in solid wood or stained in cherrywood (K).

Dimensions and technical data: 100 x 200 cm, and 90 x 200 cm; driven by electric motor; whole bed or head end only adjustable from 35 to 72 cm (each plus mattress); four-section lying surface that can be individually positioned; mobile.


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